This is made with the purest intention to help the person/people who need help for curing the diseases. This is for the people who can’t afford the holistic treatment (homoeopathy and other healing modalities) just because of unawareness for the system, and for those who want to get treated through such system of healing but don’t opt to such systems just because of lack of financial support.

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Pre-requisites for providing effective results in cure of symptoms and diseases are a qualified doctor, quality time - space and quality medicines are required with equal cooperation and support of patient. The treatment for any disease of the patient will be facilitated by DR. KAJAL THAKKAR and the whole process of cure will be done and taken care at KSHEMYA HOMOEOPATHIC CLINIC, which includes homoeopathic medicines, required investigation, and required healing methods. We want to provide all this to people who don’t have financial support and to bring awareness of health, where they can receive the cure in the highest and best possible means.

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- To provide qualitative and effective treatment to those needy people.

- To provide equal and similar treatment to needy patients register for “kshemya charity” as patients are receiving at “kshemya homoeopathic clinic”.

Ways Of Charity

- Sponsor the treatment of the patient. From start to end whatever amount of help they want in the form of money for cure, treatment, medicines, investigation, etc.

- Directly donate amount of money in kshemya charity, which is used for the same purpose in curing and treating the needy people.