Homeopathy, coined by its originator, Samuel Hahnemann.

Homoeopathy is a science of alternative medicine invented by German Physician & chemist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). The name homeopathy, coined by its originator, Samuel Hahnemann, is derived from the Greek words : "like" + "suffering", which means ‘similar suffering’.

Homoeopathy is founded upon the principle “similia similibus curantur” means “like cures like” by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the early 19th century (1796). Although this law was known previously to some like Hippocrates and Paracelsus even before Hahnemann rediscovered it and founded the whole system of therapeutics based upon it.

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The basis of law of similar is that any substance which is capable of producing the signs/symptoms either any mental or physical state of a disease in healthy human being has the potential to cure that disease in the sick individual.

Like the other practitioners of his era, he also adopted the orthodox school of medicine to treat his patients. But unlike the others, soon, he was dissatisfied with the unscientific & crude methods of treatment; wherein the patient was purged & sweated; bled & branded. Soon Dr. Hahnemann gave up his mode of treatment to develop a rational method of healing. While translating Cullen’s Materia Medica, he came across Cinchona, from which Quinine is derived & used for the treatment of Malaria. Filled with curiosity, he tried Cinchona on himself. To his surprise, he developed symptoms similar to malaria. Amazed by his findings, he went on further to experiment several other drugs & confirmed his observations. After 15 years of thorough observation & experimentation, he confirmed & concluded the law of similar “similia similibus curantur”.

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Uniqueness Of Homoeopathy

A Homoeopath follows a systematic, thorough & detailed case-taking process to understand the patient. This enables him to understand the root cause of the disease & its manifestation in that particular individual. This makes Homoeopathy distinct as compared to the other forms of Healing; since it is due to this process that a Homoeopath arrives at a perfect remedy, which is particularly tailor-made for each patient individually.

It is due to this that the patient is not only cured of his chief complaint, but also experiences a complete physical, emotional & spiritual well-being on the whole.

Hence, Homoeopathy is called a holistic form of healing, which provides long term effects. It treats the disease from its root cause; so it’s also used in end-stage & incurable diseases.

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Another important thing is the scientific n unique way of preparation of homoeopathic medicine, named “POTETISATION”, which makes this system different from other healing systems. Due to this the medicines given to patients is of dynamic nature, which has no toxic substance in it, having no side effects and can be taken safely without any harm. Such medicines in sick individual act as catalyst at dynamic plane and enhances the self healing properties of the sick; restores harmony at physical, mental (emotional), spiritual levels.

It is an absolutely non-invasive & gentle mode of treatment suited for all age groups and nearly for most of the diseases and ailments.

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Modus Operandi

Dr. Hahnemann had concluded that “There are no diseases, there are only sick people”. That is why, in Homoeopathic treatments, every person is studied and treated as an individual. The prescriptions are made for the person and not for the disease that the person is suffering from. So, even ten patients with similar diagnosis will receive different medicines according to their individual expression of disease.

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And when we fall sick, our vital force gets deranged, this vital force is dynamic in nature which keeps our all bodily functions and sensations in harmony and health. In health, this vital force defends, repairs, develops and functions itself although our body is constantly exposed to various external and internal factors all the time like temperature changes, physical and mental strains, etc. This is the coordinating, defending and dominating force within each of us which in another language is called immunity or resistance power of our body. Dr. Hahnemann recognized this force of life as Vital Force or Vitality.

Dr. Hahnemann found that to cure this vital force according to law of similar, the medicines must also be dynamic in nature, which restores this dynamic vital force. And he started preparing homoeopathic medicines with unique method of “potentisation”, where only the essence of any substance remains from substance chosen from the universe and this essence is dynamic in nature.

So when similimum (homoeopathic remedy) is given to sick individual according to his vitality then this dynamic medicine acts on deranged dynamic vital force, thereby bringing back to its normal functions and sensations, raising the immunity of the person and restores him to health.

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Law Of Similia:

“This is the law that governs Homoeopathy and forms the most fundamental basis of this science. This law is also called as SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR, which means 'like cures like.”

By this law, he wants to emphasize that, in order to execute a cure and heal an ailing person, a homoeopathic physician needs to administer a drug that produces symptoms that are similar to the diseased symptoms. Thus when the picture of the thoroughly proved remedy matches with diseased picture, cure takes place from its root cause and the remedy selected on this basis is called the similimum.

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Thus Hahnemann derived the Law of Similia based on this principle, and has stated it in the aphorism number 26 in the book, Organon of medicine, which reads as follows:

"A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations."

By this he means, that each individual case of sick individual or disease is most surely, radically, rapidly and permanently annihilated and cured if the symptoms of the medicine chosen are similar to the disease symptoms but superior to it in strength and vitality. For. E.g - This law can be prominently seen in nature too: 'Illumination of a candle (weaker in nature) is completely out shadowed by the brilliant light of the sun (stronger in nature and differing in kind)'.

Law of simplex:

Hahnemann states in aphorisms 272-274, 'Only one, single, simple remedy should be administered to the patient at one time'. This is the law of simplex.

Law of minimum:

“It means that smallest quantity of dose that brings the curative effects.”

The minimum quantity of dose is administrated at a time which is sufficient to stimulate the vitality of the human organism & to produce perceptible change & it varies in each patient.

The curative effect of the medicine does not depend only on the selection of a similar remedy but also on the quantity of the medicine. Since the homoeopathic medicines act at a dynamic level, only a minute quantity of the medicine is enough to stimulate the dynamically deranged vital force to bring about the necessary curative change in a patient.

This quantitative reduction of the medicinal substance is achieved by the method of potentisation, which avoids the unwanted medicinal aggravation caused by crude substances, and prevents chances of any organ damage.

Doctrine of drug proving:

“Homeopathy is the only medical science where medicines are proved on healthy human beings. As humans can observe and express every minute changes at the emotion, intellectual and at physical level, the data collected from the proving is accurate and more reliable.”

Drug proving is a systemic investigation and evaluation of the disease producing power of a substance on healthy human beings of sexes, different age groups and people from different places.

In drug proving, a drug or a medicine is administered to a group of relatively healthy individuals (provers) until symptoms of ill health and disease appear in them. These provers are instructed to carefully observe and note all finer sensations, feelings and emotions, or any subtle deviations in the normal functioning of the various organs and parts of the body. After the proving is concluded, symptoms reported by the provers are carefully assessed, evaluated, classified and grouped according to the part of the body affected and degree of severity. The end result of this work is compiled in a systematic order and the 'Materia Medica' of the proved drug is created.

Theory of chronic diseases:

“Miasm is an obnoxious disease-producing agent, dynamic in nature and inimical to life.”

After 30 years of homoeopathic practice Dr.Hahnemann realized that homeopathy failed to execute a 'real cure' in some diseases. He observed that in many cases symptoms got ameliorated for a brief period only to relapse at a later date. This intrigued him and made him reflect as to the possible cause of these failures.

The following were the probable causes that were considered:

  • The Law of Similars might not be universally applicable
  • There could be some flaw in the application of the Law of Similars
  • The number of drugs till date were inadequate to cover all the diseases
  • There could be some error in determining the totality of symptoms
  • There might be some obstacles that persisted, which hindered cure

Hahnemann, by his reasoning and logic, excluded the other probabilities and concluded that certain obstacles were responsible for the relapses and failures. So he studied the chronic cases in great depth and after 12 years of studies, he discovered that chronic diseases are caused by fundamental causes which he named MAISM.

Theory of vital force/individualization:

“In health it is this spirit-like force that governs the life and maintains all the bodily sensations and functions in equilibrium. Hence in disease, there is dynamic derangement of the vital force, which leads to disharmony and alteration of all the bodily functions and sensations.”

Vital force is the invisible vital energy that animates each organism. The material organism (body), without the vital force is capable of no sensation, no function, no self-preservation; it derives all sensations and performs all the functions of life solely by means of the immaterial being (vital force), which animates the material organism in health and in disease.

When a person falls ill it is only this spiritual, self-acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, which is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific (disease causing) agent inimical to life. It is only the vital force, deranged to such an abnormal state, which can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations and incline it to the irregular processes, which we call disease.

Doctrine of drug dynamisation:

“Drug dynamisation is the process of liberating the inherent curative power of the drug substance which remains dormant in its crude form.”

Hahnemann began the experiments of the application of proven drugs for the cure of the sick upon the basis of the law of similars, by using drugs in their full strength but many a times, he observed aggravation of the ailments in patients. So he concluded this doctrine on a principle that as human body is governed by the dynamic vital force, in that case only dynamic power of the medicinal substance has a potential to act on this vital force and bring complete cure to it.

Being chemist, he started diluting the drug on a definite scale in order to bring out the dynamic essence of medicinal substance. Thus curative power of drugs bear no proportionate relationship to the crude quantity, and by this peculiar and systematic method of dilution based on a regular scale, the concealed curative powers of otherwise inert substances were extracted. He named this process of drug dynamization as 'Potentisation'.

There are two methods of potentisation;

Trituration for insoluble substances and Sucussion for soluble ones.

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Myths and Facts Of Homoeopathy

MYTH: Homoeopathic medicines are slow in action and giving results.

FACT: Homeopathy is little slower than the convectional medicines; but not really very slow. Since it deals with chronicity of disease the time required for relative permanent cure at holistic level is little longer.
This is a misconception and one of the reasons is that patients come to a Homeopath after they have tried other treatments for a long time. By the time they take Homoeopathy the disease is normally at an advanced stage and to reverse the pattern of the disease it normally takes some time. Whereas, people who start treating a disease with homeopathy in the initial stage, they get faster results.

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MYTH: Homoeopathy works only in chronic diseases and not in acute conditions.

FACT: Homeopathy is a great alternative medicine for acute diseases. In fact, during acute, the disturbance of vital force is at peak and the peculiar, individual characteristic symptoms are easily noted and observed, which forms the basis of homoeopathic prescription in acute. Large number of acute ailments varying form cough-cold-fever, otitismedia, urinary tract infection, gastritis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, hepatitis, sinusitis, etc. is taken care of with homoeopathy.

MYTH: Homoeopathy is just a placebo effect or faith healing:

FACT: It is one of the big misconceptions about homoeopathy.
On the contrary, Homoeopathic science is based upon certain laws and it is scientifically proved science, applied all over the world for many years, and lasted more than 200 years. Even medicines have been scientifically prepared and proved on healthy human beings for its efficacy. So any science which is based upon specific laws can’t just be faith healing and placebos.
Even the fantastic results that patients show after homeopathic treatment is enough proof that it is not just placebo effect. If it is placebo effects of medicine then it is to note that placebo don’t have potential to bring the old suppressed disease symptoms out, not to reduce the requirement of steroid, diabetic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, antibiotic in children and adults etc.

MYTH: Homoeopathy just deals with psychology of person.

FACT: Homeopathy is more than psychological treatment.
One of the hardest misconceptions about homeopathy is that it deals just with mind and psychology. As such homeopathy is largely based on the understanding of the mind, the emotions, about mental attitudes and perceptions, so psychosomatic correlation are taken into consideration sometimes but it is not only the basis of treatment.
But in fact it is the study of the whole individual at deep energy level where both mind and body are connected. Here actually, deeper disease patterns is understood where the nature of pathology, the kind of immunological or hormonal changes, the physical components (like perspiration, thermal preference, sleep, appetite, desires, aversion, etc) along with the way they perceive and experience the reality, all this are all put together and taken into considerations for prescription.

MYTH: Homeopathy can only help in the diseases which are up to functional changes only and of not curative where there are structural (reversible and irreversible) changes in the body.

FACT: It is not so that it is only effective in functional changes, but it can cure many diseases and pathology with structural changes e.g tumors, cysts, cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, pcod, etc.

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Q: What are homoeopathic remedies made up of?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances like plants, animals and minerals. Others are nosodes, sarcodes, imponderabilia, etc. These medicines are prepared with scientific method named ‘potentisation’ so that only the essence of the natural source is taken removing the crude substance. It is preserved in alcohol base and dispensed by pouring the medicine over the sugar pills.

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Q: Is homoeopathy safe and without any side-effects?

Homeopathy is one of the safest forms of medicine. Any toxic effects of a crude substance in nature disappear because it is diluted sufficiently to extract only the essence of the substance and to eliminate all toxic material.
Thus, homeopathic medications are safe and have no side effects. Even it is of no harm for pregnant women and infants.

Q: What is the shelf life of the remedies and how to store it?

If kept away from sunlight and strong smells, homoeopathic remedies last for many years. (There is evidence that remedies used in the tropics have lost none of their potency after fifty years.) Accordingly, no expiry date is mentioned.
Medicines are to be kept tightly capped at room temperature in a cool, dry, dust free environment and away from direct sunlight. They should not be exposed directly and continuously to strong odours.

Q: Is it true that there are lots of food restrictions during the homoeopathic treatment?

No, there are no food restrictions as such. The patient is only advised to avoid eating or drinking 10 minutes before or after taking homeopathic medication.
Any food with very strong taste and smell (e.g. eating mint, coffee, raw onion, raw garlic or applying camphor and menthol) is best avoided as these can hinder the action of the homeopathic medicine or antidote the effects of the medicine. But now-a-days it is advised if in case one needs to take it, then it can be taken with sufficient gap with the medicine (at least 1 hr) and medicinal action will not be hindered.

Q: Who all can take the homoeopathic treatment?

Homoeopathic medicines are completely safe and usually non-addictive. They can be used without anxiety by anyone, including small babies, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. It can be used by any age group people from infants-elders-old age.

Q: In which conditions and diseases homoeopathic treatment can give cure?

Homoeopathic can give cure in any kind of disease conditions as it does not just treat the local symptom but the sick individual at wholistic level. It can cure chronic diseases including recurrent headaches, recurrent cough and cold, gastric disturbances etc. Even it can cure chronic and grave pathologies like tumours, cysts, cancers etc.

Q. Is it true homoeopathy treats all diseases or there are some diseases which cannot be treated by homoeopathy?

Yes, homoeopathy can treat nearly all the diseases but in certain cases which are purely surgical or where the patient’s vitality is too low in such cases homoeopathic medicines can act as palliative and not curative one. Even in some cases for a short time we may require help from other systems or sciences for e.g.: If someone is very anaemic (Hemoglobin less than 4 gm%), or status epileptics or status asthma, meningitis, heavy infections and fever, etc. So only after controlling these phase we give our medicine or these mode of treatment is assisted with our medicines depending upon the case.

Q: Can we take homoeopathic treatment along with other treatment? :

Use of homoeopathic remedies along with ayurvedic medicines is not advisable as both are holistic in their approach; therefore it becomes difficult to judge the true progress.
Even most of the acute conditions are handled well with Homoeopathy but only in some exceptional conditions, the allopathic medicinal interruption is advised in order to reduce the suffering of patient.
In some-cases of hypertension, diabetes, thyroids if a person is on anti-hypertensive drugs, hypoglycaemic drugs, anticonvulsants or hormonal therapy for a long time, we don't stop them immediately so as to prevent the withdrawal problems but reduce their dosage gradually once the homoeopathic medicine starts working and patient is coping up well.
Use of contraceptive pills during the treatment is allowed.

Q: How long the treatment is taken?

This will depend on the illness, chronicity of the disease, presence/absence of maintaining factors, previous history of diseases and treatment taken, the length of time you have suffered from it and your general vitality. It is difficult to assess the exact time but after taking the detail case and in the first couple of months of the treatment, probable duration can be assessed.

Q: Will I have to take the Homoeopathic medicine forever?

No. It is not so. Once homoeopath knows that the balance between mind and body has been restored, and patient’s disease is cured completely and the patient's energy level has come back, his vitality is regained then homoeopath stops the treatment.
In homoeopathy cure means harmony is established at all level- physical, mental and energy level, once it is established patient can stop medicine.

Q: Is it true that during homoeopathic treatment the complain gets worse/slightly aggravated before it gets better?

Yes, it is true. Sometimes when a correct homoeopathic remedy is given to a patient he/she may experience a slight increase in their symptoms. This is called a homoeopathic aggravation. It simply indicates that the patient’s immune system is responding to the remedy. Even sometimes there is appearance of old suppressed symptoms.
Please note that in a homoeopathic aggravation, only the symptoms get worse; and not the pathology/diseased condition. E.g. A patient suffering from psoriasis may experience an increase in itching without the lesions actually increasing in size or number; a patient suffering from frequent migraines may experience a headache for a while; a patient suffering from asthma, will have attacks of breathlessness for a while, a patient getting treated for some chronic complain and might have fever for a while, etc. Here such aggravation has course of the next few weeks and months and you will note a decrease in the frequency and intensity of that too.
It is not necessary that homoeopathic aggravations occur in all cases, but where they do they are short lived. The patient should get in touch with his homoeopathic physician at this time so that he can do the needful to manage the aggravation. It is important that no other medicine: homoeopathic or allopathic be taken at this time without the consent of the physician. An aggravation of symptoms, where it does occur, is therefore a good sign. It indicates to the patient that the remedy he has selected for the patient is working and that he should continue the same line of treatment.

Q: Is it advisable to take homoeopathic medicines during pregnancy?

PREGNANCY IS BEST TIME to start the homoeopathic treatment because you cannot take modern medicine because of its side effects. And also as mother-to-be is closer to nature, so her body will generally respond very well to this treatment, which is based on nature’s law.
During pregnancy, a woman is more close to herself. Her emotions are at the peak, which helps the homoeopath to find the right medicine. Homoeopath tries to understand this state by understanding the emotions she has during pregnancy, her feeling and reaction to different situation, her relation with other members in the house. We understand through her dreams, peculiar food desires and aversion which she develops during pregnancy only, physical symptoms during pregnancy which also shows some peculiarity.
Homoeopath understands this whole state during pregnancy, and prescribes accordingly.

Q: in child cases, children cannot express their feelings and sensation, then how does Homoeopath get the information (special, peculiar symptoms) from a child for prescription?

In children we usually keenly and carefully observe every move and behavior of the child. In case of infants and toddlers the observation of the homoeopath and the mother and mother’s history during 9months are most important. In older children (by age of 5 onwards), we have a conversation with the child and find out the individual nature of each child. Homoeopath tries to understand the child’s inner disturbance, through various pointers such as fears, dreams, fantasies, favourite movies, cartoons, toys they like, T.V. serial, their drawings, fairytales, their reaction to illness, their feeling regarding illness, what they think about their illness, their imaginations etc. In all these areas children express themselves, their inner/true self. If needed even the mother and father are interviewed to understand their personalities and character traits.

Q: Is there any treatment/cure for genetic disorders, endocrinal disorders (hypothyroid or hyperthyroid) life style diseases (e.g. cholesterol, diabetes)?

There is good treatment for diabetes, thyroid disorder and cholesterol in homoeopathy. Homoeopathy can be of great help in genetic disorders depending upon the patient’s individuality. In endocrinal diseases, with patient’s co-operation and with well selected remedy, we can surely give cure in many cases. In life-style diseases, we get cure with correct and proper homoeopathic medicine along with doing some life-style changes, and including exercise, yoga, and meditation in their life. During treating all such diseases we allow the continuation of the modern medicines for a while and as homoeopathic medicines takes charge of patient’s well-being, and then under the supervision of concern doctor we gradually and scientifically taper the doses of the allopathic medicines so as to avoid any complication of the disease itself and to avoid suffering of withdrawal symptoms.
Here one need to understand that homoeopathy helps in treating as well as preventive for many diseases. In the long run if one wants to prevent or delay the complications of diabetes, cholesterol, etc. then continued and regular homoeopathic medicine is required.
To note that some long lasting and very chronic diseases takes more time in getting results and need longer treatment obviously.

Q: Can diabetic patients take the sweet sugar pills?

Diabetics can take pills because the amount of sugar present is very minute. And medicine prescribe can take of the disease itself so minute dose will not harm the diabetic person. Also, in some case medicines can be administered in distilled water, thereby avoiding pills.

Q: Is there any cure of cancer in homoeopathy?

Yes, like any other disease, Cancer too is curable with Homoeopathy. There are two types of cancer a) benign and b) malignant; both are treatable provided it is diagnosed early & treatment starts early. In case of malignant cancers treatment is best if started before it spreads to other organs. In such cases even time of diagnosis, chemotherapy taken or not, severity of symptoms, patients susceptibility decides the probable cure of the case. In those cases where already there is metastasis of the disease to other organs/systems of the body, homoeopathy can still help in palliating (giving relief) to the distressing symptoms without any side effects.

Q: How acute complains or situations are handled in homoeopathy?

Any acute complain or episode is the response of body to release the toxins from the body and systems. These is dealt with homoeopathic medicine with little changes in potencies and repetitions, very rarely change in remedy is indicated. It is just that during acute situations the patient and the homoeopath need to remain in touch and evaluate the progress of the case. In case of loose motions there is no harm waiting, as long as the patient is taking as much fluids as he loses. Most cases get well with homoeopathic medicine and fluid replacement. In case of high fever (virals), it is a sign of good immune response, so it is handled well with proper repetitions. In some children who have tendency to febrile convulsions, to avoid it, one may need to give crocin, etc. In malaria cases one needs to evaluate every day and see if the general parameters are improving. If the intensity of the fevers and chills are getting better over a period of 2-3 days one can wait with homoeopathy.

Q. Can homoeopathy work on old patients-80 years old plus?

Aging is not a disease, rather a series of processes that continue throughout the life cycle. Age related changes like deterioration in vision and hearing, dental problems, osteoporosis, deterioration of memory, loss of vigor, decreased sexual drive, increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, risk of heart disease, etc. A balanced diet, regular exercise, moderation in intake of alcohol, adopting a healthy lifestyle can help a person of age for healthy living.
Homoeopathy is effective in patients of all age groups: from the pediatric (children) to the geriatric (old age). Cure may be possible for complaints or diseases of a more recent onset which has no relation to old age; for example an elderly patient who suddenly developed an anal fissure and who had never had this problem throughout his life.
Many old patients may be suffering from chronic diseases for many years; in such cases the emphasis is to give symptomatic relief and make the patient comfortable. This would also be the approach in terminally ill patients.

Q: Can homoeopathy treat mental and emotional problems?

Homeopathy has the potential for producing far more than just improvements in your physical health. The homeopathic remedy can be a catalyst that starts a process of transformation in your life. Homeopathic medicine can be very successful in treating anxiety, depression, grief, phobias, and other mental disorders. Deeper psychiatric disorders such as autism, the behavioural problems associated with developmental disabilities and schizophrenia can also be helped through homoeopathic medicines. We don’t have inpatient facilities to treat the psychiatric diseases but we may take on some of these cases as an outpatient basis, especially if there is enough support for the patient from the relatives as well at home the atmosphere is co-operative.
Psychological symptoms/ disease are thought of as ways in which a person is trying to adapt to biological and psychosocial stresses i.e. the way he/she perceives and experience the reality which is out of proportion or is not in balanced; this disharmony may create mental disorders. So homoeopath understand psychological problem not just at mind level but at deep energy levels where mind and body connects; from where our deep behavioral patterns arises. When homoeopathic medicine selected individually by such deeper understanding then it will catalyze the healing process that will raise the person's overall level of health. In some cases, psychotherapeutic support based on homeopathic principles might be required.

Uniqueness of homoeopathy:

  • A Homoeopath follows a systematic, thorough & detailed case-taking process to understand the patient. This enables him to understand the root cause of the disease & its manifestation in that particular individual. This makes Homoeopathy distinct as compared to the other forms of Healing; since it is due to this process that a Homoeopath arrives at a perfect remedy, which is particularly tailor-made for each patient individually. It is due to this that the patient is not only cured of his chief complaint, but also experiences a complete physical, emotional & spiritual well-being on the whole. Hence, Homoeopathy is called a holistic form of healing, which provides long term effects. It treats the disease from its root cause; so it’s also used in end-stage & incurable diseases.
  • Another important thing is the scientific n unique way of preparation of homoeopathic medicine, named “POTETISATION”, which makes this system different from other healing systems. Due to this the medicines given to patients is of dynamic nature, which has no toxic substance in it, having no side effects and can be taken safely without any harm. Such medicines in sick individual act as catalyst at dynamic plane and enhances the self healing properties of the sick; restores harmony at physical, mental (emotional), spiritual levels.
  • It is an absolutely non-invasive & gentle mode of treatment suited for all age groups and nearly for most of the diseases and ailments.

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