In spite of all its popularity, today very few of us truly know what meditation is all about.

Some regards meditation is the mental concentration on something, while some take it as state of relaxation or rest, some considers as being with oneself, others considers some imaginative thing that gives peace, satisfaction but all this modes are being with one goal to slow down and eventually completely stop the incessant activity of our mind. These exercises are not really meditation – they are substitutes for meditation for gaining some or other thing. But In reality, meditation is state of consciousness.

Folks it will be interesting to know that Kshemya has come up with designed meditation session. Folks who want to unleashed the old patterns of their life and who wants re-create their life, we have opened doors for you. This sessions are completely unique in its approach, they are specially designed for the client/patients to give them complete attention, care, guidance and healing. In such session any of your old-patterns or unhealed part of your life is taken into consideration and by doing inner work through different meditation exercise, theta-healing exercise, zero-point healing, etc we achieve optimal benefits for healing those patterns/unhealed part.

Kshemya specialize in its unique approach and has vision to grow every individual at mental-spiritual levels thereby making progress in their life.

Note: Such sessions are taken under supervision and 1st consultation in person is mandatory before you are eligible for sessions.