Rebirthing is also known as conscious connected breathing Breath is the key to creating health and well-being.

Integrate the healing potential of breath into your practice.

Rebirthing-breath work is a type of breath work invented by leonard orr. Orr proposed that correct breathing can cure disease and relieve pain.

Rebirthing is a simple, gentle yet powerful conscious breathing technique.

It brings into awareness not only our unconsciously held beliefs and emotions but also the relationships we have with our bodies, ourselves, our intimates and our world. When we consciously breathe with this awareness, we make it possible to resolve, integrate and heal previously unresolved issues within ourselves. This frees up energy, bringing greater aliveness and joy and allowing us to move towards fulfillment of our potential as human beings.

Rebirthing brings expanded awareness on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It helps in making individual free from habitual restricting patterns, helps in integrating your feelings finding emotional balance. Eliminate or change individual’s belief systems. Releases being stuck and held-back experience of life. Increase abundance, success and creativity. Good and advisable for those who are looking for inner transformation and spiritual growth by dissolving past trauma and acquiring useful insights that would help them in manifesting their highest potential.