Kshemya provides Reiki sessions to patients with chronic ailments, in some of the acute cases and to manage stress-related issues of the person.

Reiki is a naturally soothing, non-invasive healing technique that uses energy to heal areas of injury, stress, and pain. It has steadily increased in popularity and is becoming recognized as one of the most effective alternative forms of therapy for both mental and physical ailments.

Reiki sessions are individually designed by doctor at kshemya after taking brief history of person addressing his/her distress, and single session treatment time is average between 30 - 45 minutes.

After your session, we advise you to drink as much water as you can to help eliminate toxins, allowing the body to continue the healing process.

Note:- Reiki sessions are pleasant and relaxing. You may arrive in whatever clothing you feel is most comfortable, as you will likely be laying down on a massage table. Your practitioner will place their hands on or above your body, to channel spiritually-guided life-force energy to where it is needed most. It is rare, but possible to feel physical change in temperature or energy during your session, and depending upon the severity of the ailment, a physical change may or may not immediately occur. Sometimes the most that can be achieved is helping a client to understand an ailment – improving quality of life and comfort.